Real Estate Referrals

If you are landing here as a past client or referral from a past client, know that I am not currently practicing real estate, though I maintain my real estate broker license as Agent of Change, and keep up my continuing education requirements.

Let's talk, in order to recommend an agent or list of agents who could meet your needs. This is at no cost to you and should help you have a smooth first meeting — I would like to do this out of respect to you, the person who referred you, and whoever I refer you to.

Brokers/agents who receive referrals from other brokers may negotiate a fee (a percentage of the transaction, once it is done). This is the arrangement Agent of Change will likely have with any agents I refer you to. The referral fee does not get added to any financial obligation you may have in the transaction. It is considered the agent’s cost of obtaining business, similar to buying advertising or signage.