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Northeast Minneapolis Arts District:

Researching a specific property or block

City of Minneapolis property info

If you want to know what neighborhood a home is in, get into the property info website and type in the address, click on property info reports. The neighborhood will be listed about at the center of the list of items. This site also will tell you (if available) sales history, valuation history, structure information (square footage per floor and number of bedrooms/bathrooms). Also, you can use it to check whether recent work was done with a permit, and on for-sale properties, the Truth in Sale of Housing report.

Hennepin County Property Information
Want to know something about your neighbors? Check the percentage of rental or owner occupancy in an area? You can find a map of your area on the Hennepin County website, and then check each address for the owner's address,to get an idea of whehter it is owner-occupied or absentee-owned. Accuracy not guaranteed, as recording is sometimes delayed and some landlords simply get their mail at the property address.

Here’s how to search:, click on “Property information search” in the list of online services at the lower right hand side of the page. Choose search by address, and put in the property address. Click on “view map” then “enter website.” This will show a schematic of your block with your property highlighted. To jump to another parcel, click on identify, and then click on the parcel. You can then scroll down through the pertinent information. If you would like to see aerial views (helpful for figuring out where garages are) click on layers and click the box by “hybrid.”